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Ali Sina's Challenge- US $ 1,00,000 to anyone who can win

   Ali Sina is the founder of FaithFreedom International, and a former Muslim. He has announced a Challenge on his website at this link

   However, since this website is banned in several countries, and other similar websites are also banned, and also being removed from Google search following complaints from Muslims, this challenge is being copied here in this blog to preserve another copy. Ali Sina writes:

   "I receive many emails from angry Muslims, who sometimes beg and sometimes order me to remove this site. I consider both, pleading and bullying signs of psychopathology. Argumentum ad baculum and argumentum ad misericordiam are logical fallacies.

   If you do not like this site and want me to remove it disprove my charges against Muhammad logically.  Not only will I remove the site, I will publicly announce that Islam is a true religion. I will also pay $50,000 U.S. dollars to anyone who can disprove any of the dozen of the accusations that I have made against Muhammad. I accuse Muhammad of being:

a narcissist  a misogynist a rapist
a pedophile a lecher a  torturer
a mass murderer a cult leader an assassin
a terrorist a mad man a looter

   It is not easy for a Muslim (i.e. a Muhammadan) to bear much criticism of Muhammad (let alone see Muhammad for who he was). It is like telling a child that his father is a rapist, murderer and a thief. A child who adulates his father will not be able to accept it even if all the proofs in the world are shown to him. He will instead call you a liar, hate you for hurting him, curse you and may explode in anger and hit you physically. A Muslim will genuinely believe that Muhammad was the MOST PERFECT person, kind and compassionate, merciful. A Muslim would generally admire and respect Muhammad more than his own parents. To understand this matter, a Christian reader should imagine being told that Jesus was a rapist, murderer and a thief, or a Buddhist being told the same about Buddha, or a Hindu being told the same about Krishna, Rama etc. But a child’s father can also be a rapist, murderer and a thief, and so it is in case of Islam that the man regarded as the best human ever was actually not so.

   The evidences of the above charges are exhaustively presented in my book Understanding Muhammad, now available for free download.

   I have debated with many Muslims. Their defense of Islam can be summarized in two categories:

a-      Denial of the authenticity of Islamic sources that report the stories of crimes of Muhammad (example: debate with Edip Yukssel, a leader of the Submitters)
b-     Moral relativism and situational ethics, e.g., “In those days, pedophilia, assassination, rape, raid, pillage, massacre and lying were common practices, therefore, Muhammad is innocent because he did what everyone else was doing.”  Muslims go as far as to question the legitimacy of the Golden Rule and argue that no one other than a messenger of God can decide what is right and wrong. Hence, if he murders, plunders, tortures and rapes these practices must be good. (Example: debate with Yamin Zakaria)

   These are the main two arguments that Muslims present in defense of their prophet. Any rational person can see they are logical fallacies.

   The charges I have laid against Muhammad are irrefutable because they are reported in Islamic sources and as such are as good as confessions. You can’t acquit a criminal after he has confessed, unless you plead insanity, which is my point.

   Muslims often ask, “Who will judge whether or not an attempt to disprove your accusations against Muhammad and Islam has been successful?”  Let us leave that to the readers. Once both sides present their arguments without fear of reprisal it won’t be hard to distinguish truth from falsehood. First read my book and then publish your rebuttal here.

   Edit 2007/07/29
   The above challenge was issued in 2001 and it hasn’t been met yet. See the debates I had with Muslims.  Also, see Muslims rebuttals here , here, here and here.  Is that all the Muslim world can offer?  Where are the scholars of Islam?  Why an important task such as defending Islam is left to amateurs who do more damage to Islam?  Why the real scholars of Islam have remained silent?

   The truth is that several of the people that debated me were real scholars, such as the eminent Pakistani scholar Mr. Javed Ahmed Ghamidi and his disciple Dr. Khalid Zaheer. This debate is a must read and is available for download.

   As of this date (2007), I will no longer debate with people who want to debate anonymously. I only debate with reputable scholars. I made this decision because often, Muslims moved by their faith and zealotry, but with little knowledge of Islam, challenge me to debate. They rehash the same tried and refuted arguments that bore everyone and disappear. Then, other Muslims either accuse me of fabricating those debates or pooh-pooh my opponents for not being real scholars.

   As of this day, I am also doubling the reward. If you are not a reputable scholar, you can still win the prize. All you have to do is persuade a scholar to refute my charges. If he (she) wins or can prove that Muhammad was a prophet of God, both you and he (she) will be rewarded $50,000 dollars each. This is to encourage you to write to your admired scholars and convince them that Islam is in danger and that it is their duty to defend it.

   Yes, Islam is in grave danger. Never since its inception Islam has faced a threat as serious as this. The critics of Islam were simply killed. But today, millions of ex-Muslims are questioning the claimed truth of Islam and can make their criticisms heard worldwide without fearing for their lives.  As long as these questions are not answered more Muslims will leave Islam. The trickle will become a torrent and the fall of Islam becomes inevitable. The biggest enemy of Islam is truth and with Internet it is impossible to extinguish the truth. Muslims stick to Islam mainly with the hope of Paradise and for fear of Hell. But if God sends people to Hell for disbelief, then Muslims will be first to go to Hell for believing in a charlatan and attributing insanity to God.

   In the past, critics of Islam briefly shined in the darkness of this faith, only to be put out by winds of persecution. What is happening today can be likened to the break of the dawn.  Darkness has no chance when the sun is on the rise.  Muslims are waking up and leaving Islam like never before. A spiritual and an intellectual revolution is underway.  This is the century of enlightenment for Muslims. The days of Islam are numbered.  This demon of hate and ignorance will be slain by the hands of its own primary victims.  What will replace Islam will be peace, prosperity and unity of mankind. We are all children of one God who loves us equally. If God loves us all how could we hate each other? Would a loving God send a religion to make us hate and kill one another? Islam is blasphemy. It is the biggest trick of the Devil. Besides, there are numerous mistakes in the Quran which prove that it is not from God. A book from God cannot not contain a single mistake, all that is needed to dismiss the Quran as a word of God is one mistake. The Quran contains hundreds (e.g. in 2:74 says Rocks ‘fear’ God as if they have emotions, 41:11 says Earth and Heaven have wills of their own to obey or disobey God and talked to God, 86.7  says sperms proceed from between the backbone and the ribs, which is wrong and many other mistakes), which show that Islam is false.

   Please advertise this challenge. This is like throwing water on Muslim’s fire. Nothing will dampen their zeal more than the realization that among a billion Muslims there is not a single scholar who can prove the wild claims of Muhammad or acquit him of these criminal charges. This challenge has a sobering effect on Muslims.  They can make excuses, such as I am not worth their response, there have been greater men than me who opposed Islam, or that I have been refuted already, but they will not be able to fool themselves.  The more this challenge is circulated, the more Muslims will doubt Islam. Do not undermine the psychological effect of this impossible challenge.
Ali Sina

   Update: 2010/08/17

   Although the number of Muslims accepting this challenge has dropped substantially, I still receive long emails from Muslims who do their best to meet this challenge. The problem is that these Muslims are not familiar with the charges. What you see in this site is only an introduction to the charges. To see the evidence you have to read my book, Understanding Muhammad. Now from 15 July 2016, the latest edition of the book is also available for free download. It is available in English, Arabic, Urdu and Tamil.

   If you decide to answer this challenge, please don’t put pen to paper before you read the book. I know your excessive faith makes you believe you know everything, but really you don’t. So only after you read it write your rebuttal. I can assure you once you read the book there will remain nothing for you to say."

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